Quantify customer feedback from shared Slack channels to make better products

Your team uses shared Slack channels to engage with your customers. This provides your customers an easy way to get in touch and have their concerns addressed quickly. Ultimately, these channels help your team understand customer needs and build empathy for them.

But many ideas, concerns, and requests presented on these shared Slack channels can't be addressed by your team right away. In the worst case, they can lead to needless discussions that distract the team from existing objectives.

Track every customer concern, effortlessly.

Herald provides a frictionless workflow to organize and quantify these customer concerns. Your team is already doing most of the work to respond in a timely manner. With Herald, spending an extra 10 seconds per conversation gives you the superpower to retain and precisely recall any and all customer concerns.

Herald's Slack App allows your team to tag customer conversations right from your shared Slack channels with a couple of clicks.

Ready to supercharge your Slack shared channels?

Herald helps you organize and quantify customer feedback to make better products.