Quantify customer feedback from Slack user communities to make better products

Your team uses Slack to engage with your user community directly. The Slack community provides your team an avenue to understand customer pain points, address customer concerns, and get new ideas for improvements.

But a Slack community can become unwieldy—it's a firehose of feedback that can be overwhelming for the team to process. There are more ideas than your team can (or should) address immediately. So naturally, some great ones get lost in the ether and others generate needless distraction.

Track every customer concern, effortlessly.

Herald provides a frictionless workflow to organize and quantify these customer concerns. Your team is already doing most of the work to respond in a timely manner. With Herald, spending an extra 10 seconds per conversation gives you the superpower to retain and precisely recall any and all customer concerns.

Herald's Slack App allows your team to tag customer conversations right from your Slack community with a single click.

Ready to supercharge your Slack community?

Herald helps you organize and quantify customer feedback to make better products.