Organize and quantify customer feedback from Gmail

Your team uses Gmail to talk to customers. Gmail helps your team understand and address customer concerns. It's great for giving you customers a direct line to your team to get their questions answered quickly.

But some concerns can't be resolved with a quick answer. They need to be brought to the attention of the product team to consider prioritizing. But they often end up lost in the ether, unless they're repeated enough or someone on the team becomes biased towards solving one of them immediately.

Track every customer concern, effortlessly.

Herald is the best tool to organize and quantify open-ended customer requests from and other sources. Your team is already doing most of the work to respond in a timely manner. With Herald, spending an extra 10 seconds per conversation gives you the superpower to retain and precisely recall any and all customer concerns.

Herald's Browser Extension allows your team to tag customer conversations right from with a couple of clicks.

Ready to supercharge your team's workflow?

Herald helps you organize and quantify customer feedback to make better products.