Herald is the Best Sidekick to Front

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Your team uses Front to collaboratively answer customer inquiries—it’s an excellent solution for addressing customer concerns that can be resolved right away.

But what about questions that can't be addressed immediately? Your team can respond by saying "we'll bring this up for consideration," but what happens next? In reality, such requests get lost, or worse, your team may make a decision without a data-driven approach.

Track every customer concern, effortlessly.

Herald provides a frictionless workflow to organize and quantify these "soft-closed" customer concerns. Your team is already doing most of the work to respond in a timely manner. With Herald, spending an extra 10 seconds per conversation gives you the superpower to retain and precisely recall any and all customer concerns.

Herald's Front Plugin allows your team to tag customer conversations right from your Front inbox with a few clicks.

Ready to supercharge your team's Front workflow?

Herald helps you organize and quantify customer feedback to make better products.