While the modern customer provides more feedback than ever before, it leads to plenty of problems for teams: feedback fragmentation, poor retention, inaccurate translation, and imprecise recollection. Herald makes it easy to bring all customer feedback into one place, allowing your team to get on the same page faster about customer problems and focus their energy on serving their needs.

Consolidate feedback across multiple channels.

Your team works hard to support users over their preferred channel: email, chat, text, or even a call. However, customers can also vocalize their opinions about your product on social media and third-party review sites. Herald allows you to consolidate feedback across all these channels.

Break down silos across customer-facing teams.

Members of sales, marketing, customer success, product management, and user research are talking to customers. Herald eliminates knowledge silos and prevents organizational bias by bringing customer insights into one place.

Take a data-driven approach to quantifying user feedback.

Traditional support systems excel at tracking issues on a per issue basis. Herald goes beyond that—our dashboards help your team organize and quantify user problems.

Our dashboards let your team easily focus on problems only within a specific product area, for instance, onboarding or billing.

With all feedback organized in once place, your team can easily see all the feedback across customers and even companies.

Don't just take our word for it,
see what our customers have to say.

Before Herald, I had no idea what teammates were talking to customers about unless they brought it up during a meeting.

The biggest value to us is staying organized and staying on top of all the feedback we are getting. We have lots of different customers and we communicate with them thru different channels: we talk over email, we do interviews over phone and Zoom, we also have Instagram DMs back-and-forth. With all these communication channels, all of this feedback just gets lost. And even if they brought it up, we'd never write it down anywhere. Before Herald, it was all just scattered around.

Co-Founder and CEO at Beacons

One thing that helped us get everything there quickly was that Herald is a browser extension so we didn't have to switch tools.

The main benefit Herald gives us is that it provides a single repository of user feedback. In Herald, we store everything from suggestions, to bugs that come up, to complains, to ideas, to positive testimonials — any interaction that we have with a customer. Our main customer channel is WhatsApp and we use a third-party tool on top of WhatsApp to support our customers. Herald works with this tool, and let us highlight customer quotes or phrases and tag them with topics — helping us understand how many people have had this issue or have brought up a feature request. We also add quotes from our user interviews to Herald.

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Cuanto

Ready to never lose track of customer feedback again?

Herald provides everything your team needs to center work around customers and their feedback.