Herald helps organizations keep customers in the loop throughout their development process. By bringing customers front-and-center, Herald kickstarts a virtuous cycle of continuous customer feedback.

Reach out to customers to close the loop.

With Herald, you can easily identify customers who've requested a product feature even if it's from a while back. We store enough context about the ask to allow your team to delight customers with a highly personalized email when you ship a feature they've wanted. Up your game from great customer service to delightful hospitality.

Publish a changelog.

Your team works hard to address items on your roadmap. Celebrate what you ship with a changelog and keep your most engaged customers in the loop about recent changes. As a bonus, the changelog provides an additional place to capture feedback on recent changes.

Share your roadmap to solicit feedback.

Herald allows your team to share a highly customizable product roadmap with customers and prospects and solicit their feedback early on. The roadmap also allows every customer to see that the feedback they've provided is not lost in the ether.

Don't just take our word for it,
see what our customers have to say.

Communicating updates and fixes directly to our customers makes them feel like we're moving faster.

When our engineering team finish some work, Herald also helps our support team close-the-loop with customers. Herald lets us easily look up which customers provided feedback on an issue — we reach out to them and let them know that we've shipped a change that addresses that feedback. Now that we've been doing that our customers are telling us that we have been on a roll lately but we've not really changed much from our speed of development.

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Cuanto

Having everyone access to customer feedback via Herald makes communication easier as they see the customer feedback directly.

We have a small team but it's always good to have the entire team understand customer problems. We also have multiple sets of eyes looking at feedback and hence it helps us make better decisions.

Founder and CEO at Edley

Ready to get customers involved in your development process?

Herald helps product managers align their team around customer needs.