It's Time to Say Goodbye

Despite our best efforts, the Herald team hasn't been able to make this product a viable business for ourselves, leaving us no choice but to shut it down.

For us, the worst part is letting our customers down, especially the ones that have been as instrumental to our progress thus far as you have. I’m sure many have questions, and we’ve tried to address as many of them as we could below, but the short answer is: we are happy to help you transition off of the Herald platform however we can.

Lastly, we wanted to thank you for believing in our product. While we’re sorry it has to end this way, we had a ton of fun listening to and building for customers like you. We wish you all the best with the business and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Will I get all my data from Herald?
Yes. We plan to make it available directly through the UI, a large data dump in CSVs. We expect to live with this by September 30, 2021.

How long do I have to retrieve my data?
We plan to keep Herald up and running in its current state until October 31, 2021. You can download all your data any time before then.

Do I have to keep paying for Herald?
No, we are pausing any further billing of subscriptions immediately. You can continue to use Herald in its current state free of charge until October 31.

What happens after October 31?
We will begin the process of decommissioning our cloud resources and winding the business down.

Will you be keeping any of my data?
No, after October 31, we will be deleting all our databases and destroying any data you’ve added to the Herald platform.

Jay and Neel