How Herald Works

Herald was inspired by processes run at first-class customer-oriented companies like Brex, Notion, Gem, Tandem, and more. Using Herald to empower your team to make customer-oriented decisions works well at any scale — from founder-only startups to unicorns. We wanted to share how Herald can empower your team to make customer-oriented decisions.
A brief introduction to how Herald works.

Capture only the "essence" of the conversation.

Herald works by having customer-facing teams submit a short, verbatim quote from the email, chat transcript, etc. and associating it with: (1) the customer, and (2) a tag that describes the root of the customer problem.

This approach is beneficial for a few reasons:

  • Using a verbatim quote from the customer (versus paraphrasing) has the benefit of using the customer's words as evidence. It is a powerfully ally for convincing team members and making data-driven decisions.

  • Furthermore, limiting each user submission to a short, verbatim quote allows readers to quickly and effectively review all customer feedback for a given tag.

  • For those cases that need additional context besides a verbatim quote, it can be provided via an optional admin note. If reader needs to get even more details about the conversation, Herald preserves link to the source of the conversation.

  • Please see the video for a demo.

Review customer feedback regularly as a team.

Herald pushes out a weekly Voice of the Customer report to your entire team. The report includes a summary of customer conversations for the week along with any customer quotes from any new, emergent customer issues. As such, the customer feedback captured in these reports skew towards recent features shipped by your team, new bugs discovered by your users, and longer-term recurring customer concerns.

Regular reviews of customer feedback keeps your entire team in touch with your customers and incorporates customer empathy into their decision making.

We suggest you review the most recent Voice of the Customer report as a team regularly, perhaps whenever you do sprint planning.

Use Herald alongside your existing tools.

Herald is not a task manager. We prefer to leave that to tools like JIRA, GitHub Issues, Linear, etc. We are now building integrations to automatically sync Herald tags with issues on these tools. This allows your technical teams to access customer feedback most relevant to their ongoing work.

Seeing customer problems firsthand builds empathy and helps engineering teams design better solutions.

Often, engineering teams find that referring to customer quotes helps them scope down the implementation and ship the feature faster by solving real customer problems vs. grander, hypothetical ones.

Start taking a data-driven approach to making something people want.

Herald helps you organize and quantify customer feedback to make better products.