Bridge the gap
between customer problems and your product team.

Herald is the easiest way to collect customer feedback from any source, connect it to your team's existing workflows, and proactively spot and discuss emerging trends.

Collect Feedback from Everywhere

Herald's Chrome extension makes it easy to clip feedback from any web page—Intercom, Slack, Front, Zendesk, you name it. It will automatically figure out the customer the feedback came from so that the process is effortless.

Feedback Integrated Into Your Workflow

Keep your entire team aligned on the issues customers are facing with Herald's Slack and issue tracker integrations. Now, your team can discuss raw feedback from customers without disrupting their existing workflows.

Know Your Customers Better

Because all your feedback is in one place, Herald makes it easy to compare and see the things different customer segments care about. What are the top issues affecting churned customers? What about the ones generating the most revenue?

Spot Trends

Did that updated onboarding flow reduce new customer confusion? Easily see what's changed over the last week or month so that you can figure out what works, what doesn't, and what you should do next.

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