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Collect Feedback from Anywhere

Don't let the friction of organizing feedback keep you from being data-driven.

Our Chrome extension, Slack app, and (coming soon) desktop apps work wherever your customers talk to you.

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Keep Your Team in the Loop

Don't let weeks pass by before customer
feedback is delivered to the right team.

Our customizable Voice of the Customer report, Slack integration, and dashboards keep your entire team directly connected to the customer.

Serve Your Customers Better

Don't guess what your biggest promoters want.

With all your feedback is in one place, it is easy to see the things different customer segments care about.

Fits Neatly With Your Tools

Don't let customer problems get lost in translation for your designers and engineers.

User feedback is automatically and directly routed to JIRA, GitHub Issues, Linear, and more.

Keep Herald data synced with Google Sheets or Airtable, to help you analyze what to build next.

Enrich contact data with Salesforce or Intercom to do customer segmentation.

Ready to take a data-driven approach to user feedback?

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