Product Teams

Consolidate customer feedback.

With Herald, customer problems don't get lost in CRM, Slack, or email threads. Gain analytical superpowers. Recall any feedback from any customer on any issue. See every customer with a given problem instantly.

Streamline discussions and followups.

With user feedback consolidated in Herald, streamline and automate followups to gain clarity on the customer's problem.

Uncover opportunities to accelerate growth and revenue.

Herald integrates with Salesforce, Segment, and Intercom. Hone in on problems for specific customer personas. Precisely understand the unsolved pains of churned customers or solutions needed by price-insensitive customers.

Increase transparency about your product strategy.

Herald enables product teams to get customer facing teams aligned on product strategy. Relay decisions efficiently: easily update all account owners about the status of customer-requested features with a single click.

Customer Teams

Champion the voice of the customer.

Capturing, organizing, and sharing customer feedback is a breeze with Herald. Get requests from your accounts reviewed by product team consistently. Easily see the latest status of every customer ask.

Get a holistic view of an account.

Review the status of all requests from a given account. Integrate data from Salesforce, Segment, and Intercom to enrich your view.

Collateral to help with re-engagement and account management.

Provide customers a private view with up-to-date status of their asks. Use completed items as collateral during account renewals and expansion. Leverage it to re-engage with a lost prospect or churned customer.

Increase customer touch points.

Get notified when a feature one of your accounts asked for ships—reach out to pass on the good news. Get your most eager customers as beta testers for new products.

Smaller Startups

Herald’s suite of tools can help startups of every size organize and quantify customer feedback to make better products.

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In the past I had conversations with users, but in the back of my mind I knew I was going to forget most of them. I now have the confidence to engage more deeply with users because I can drop feedback into Herald and never lose it.

Founder and CEO at Divjoy

Ready to grow revenue?

Herald helps product and customer teams work together to grow revenue by painting a full picture of user problems.